Rusk Riders ATV/UTV Safety Course

A Course on Safe & Responsible Off-Road Vehicle Operation
This is a 10 hour course over three dates: April 5 & 6: 5-8pm and Sat. April 8: 9am to 2pm. RC Community Library/lower level. Cost is $10 per person. Course is for ages 12 and up/adults included. For more information or to register, please call Jim & Cindy Gillett at 715-868-2411

Our mission is to provide outdoor experiences to children including fishing, canoeing, camping, hunting, wildlife viewing and hiking. Mentors who have passed a background check are matched with children to help provide them with these outdoor experiences. Our goal is to give a basic introduction to the sheer joy of the outdoors to children who may otherwise not have an opportunity to do so. While there is a membership fee to Mentors, there is NO CHARGE to any child to participate in KAMO.